The Haunted Chalk

Tuesday Afternoon at school with classmates...

Heavy rain poured from the sky. The sidewalks and streets became wet and the silent trees twirled and twisted as if whirlpool passed by because of the great winds along with the pouring waters. Students tried to avoid the rain but still got wet. Others successfully found a temporary refuge from the waiting sheds built along the sidewalks. Tricycles and motorcycles swept through the pavements faster than their normal speeds and cars and trucks moved their wheels along the highways. And us? We waited for our next class and had seen all those scenes outside of our school.

Enough with the setting. :D

Ganito kasi 'yon. We had an activity in our major (Journalism) and we are supposed to answer our prof's question using a strip of illustration board. And to answer on it, we were given a piece of chalk. Our activity has to be done by pairs.

As the activity goes on, I set the chalk on my desk, telling my partner that she's the one who needs to answer the next question. I kulikot something in my bag and when I glance at may desk, wala na 'yung chalk. Tinanong ko siya kung kinuha niya ba 'yung chalk pero sabi niya hindi raw. Nagtaka ako. She told me to look for it under our chairs. At naghanap nga kami sa ilalim. And we found it. On the floor behind my one foot. We're so glad that we found it and went back to our seats. 

But we noticed something. 

We found a piece of chalk just under our stripped board. Nagtaka kami. Bakit dalawa na? Eh isa lang naman ang chalk na ibinigay sa amin.


Laugh trip ang kwento sa taas noh? Trying hard kung makagawa ng ghost story out of an ordinary scene. Well, infairness, nagtaka talaga kami nang later na namin nahanap 'yung chalk sa aking desk. Sino ba naman ang hindi mashoshock na nilagay mo lang sa desk then in just a split second ay biglang naglaho? And then bigla mong mahahanap sa floor tapos, makikita mo na iyong original chalk nyo na nasa desk lang pala; alll those times! :DD  Amazing but scary. Pero biro lang. Hindi talaga siya nakakatakot na storya. Nakapagtataka lang.

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